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Moreen Liao

Spring Has Sprung in Perfect Harmony

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Moreen Liao

With Spring Approaching, Detoxing Is a Good Idea

In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season to detox. During this season, the Chinese recommend avoiding red meat, cutting out alcohol, and reducing sugar i...

Moreen Liao

The 5,000-Year History of Roses for Beauty

Did you know, roses have been known since antiquity as the Queen of Flowers for their profound and diverse skincare benefits? Ancient Egyptians used to boil down rose...

Moreen Liao

How the Spring Rains Support Weight Loss

As the sun draws nearer and warms the earth, snows recede and rain increases, but this rainwater is very gentle, so as not to harm the fragile sprouts that signal sp...

Moreen Liao

How to Nourish Yourself During the Pre-Spring Season

With Spring Begins comes the end of the calendar cycle. It also marks the end of the yearly cycle of five elements—water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. A solar term i...