Preserve Color

Organic Hair Products That Preserve Hair Color

Protecting hair color is more than labels that say "Safe for Color Treated Hair". Aggressive surfactants, sulfates, and other chemical ingredients that are designed to strip oils out of hair are the core ingredients that also strip hair color and dye from hair.  Ausganica Organic Hair Products are free from all the artificial chemicals and ingredients that can strip hair color and vital essential oils necessary to keep hair shiny and healthy. They maintain the hair's ideal pH levels, which preserves the vibrancy of color and health of hair.

NOTE: Ausganica's shampoos are completely plant based and all natural. You may notice a difference in lather and "feel" of the hair while using our shampoos. This is normal....simply finish with any Ausganica Conditioner to maintain pH level of hair and smooth hair cuticle.

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Silky Milk Organic BioRemedy Conditioner
Root Strength Organic Shampoo for damaged or thinning hair.
Rose Shampoo & Conditioner Duo
Damage Relief Organic Shampoo. Sulfate Free