Our Ingredient Philosophy

Reconnect with Nature

When we aren’t paying enough attention, the demands of modern life can easily separate us from the things we rely on for true sustenance. At Ausganica, we strive to repair this divide.

It is known that we are uplifted and grounded when we feel that we are part of something greater than ourselves—such as Nature—so we challenged our team to design exquisitely-crafted products that help our clients stay connected.

Whether it’s the invigoration and efficacy you feel from our pure botanicals, or the mental clarity and calm you experience from our gorgeous natural scents, we believe Ausganica is so much more than simply highly effective organic beauty products.

We are so glad you discovered us! We invite you to experience nature, together with Ausganica.

A Leader in Hair and Skin Superfoods

At Ausganica, we understand that your skin and hair need a balanced diet in the same way your body does. You wouldn’t eat just one type of food, right? Rather, the more diverse and colorful, the better! In the same way, each of our product formulations is like a holistic superfood powerhouse, containing the greatest efficacy nature has to offer.


We use 250 different botanical actives, carefully extracted from the roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, or seeds of plants from all over the world. From the sheer number of certified organic ingredients we use in our complex formulations, to the choices we make in favor of ingredient quality, to the control we exercise over the manufacturing process at our own certified organic facility, we are confident that Ausganica stands in a class of its own.


Ausganica is founded by a certified aromatherapist who understands the power of scent as a vehicle for enhanced health and well-being. Moreen’s exquisite product formulations skillfully combine botanicals with scent actives. Our 100 premium organic essential oils contain countless constituents that holistically refine body and mind.


Each different botanical oil confers its own beneficial qualities for hair and skin. In our formulations, you will discover precious, rare oils, such as Marula, Milk Thistle, Seabuckthorn, Tamanu, Wheat Germ, Hemp Seed, Camellia, Borage, Macadamia, Pomegranate Kernel, Rosehip, and more.

And we feature certified organic Raw Bioactive Argan Oil in all of our Organic Family products for hair and body.


If you read ingredient labels, you will notice that a lot of beauty products list cheap fillers like water as their top ingredients, along with a bunch of other items you likely cannot pronounce.

And this is what you can see! FDA rules are filled with loopholes that allow companies to mislead consumers. In fact, fragrance ingredients do not need to be included at all, and this is often where the really questionable stuff is.

This is not how we do business. We make sure that every ingredient we use is safe, and has a beneficial purpose that delivers results for our clients.

We are proud of our all-natural preservative system that also functions as part of our fragrance, our functional base ingredients, and our 100% labelling transparency.

We never use synthetic fragrances, synthetic minerals, synthetic colors, sulfates, parabens, or any other harsh ingredients. We are certified organic, GMO free, and Choose Cruelty Free. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as worry-free beauty. 

In Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of life, it is believed that health problems arise from a disconnection with nature, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, only elements from the natural world contain the Five Elements that constitute all life.

It is true that synthetic ingredients can deliver some temporary efficacy, but they can never feed your soul on a fundamental level, or connect you to something greater. Since Ausganica is entirely plant-based and natural, you can experience this connection.

This is the main difference why our products are better, and why people respond to them with so much passion.

Our functional peptides, hyaluronic acids, and antioxidant actives work synergistically to restore your body’s innate wisdom and vibrancy, so it can withstand the inevitable onslaught of environmental stressors. With Ausganica, your body is strengthened to maintain its own balance.

We pay homage to The Time Before, when plants were all that was needed to nourish and refine ourselves, and when our regular connections to nature made for a simpler existence.

True Rose Beauty

ausganica brand story

With over 300 unique molecules, rose is the flower with the most complicated chemical constitution in the world. A real rose scent is impossible to mimic, and this is what makes true rose oil so precious. It’s why we only use real roses.

Rose has been known since antiquity in the Orient and Middle East as the Queen of Flowers for its profound skincare benefits, but rose has only recently gained its due recognition in the West.

This attention can be attributed to modern science verifying what has always been known about roses, that roses:

With 10 years of experience, Ausganica is a global leader in understanding the unique benefits of rose for hair and skin care. Rose is the most versatile and potent flower in the world—as well as the cause for countless precious loving moments—and it’s why we use 10 different Rose ingredients in our product formulations, as each offers yet another layer of efficacy.

  • boast extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities
  • mild astringency is perfect for soothing and perfecting skin
  • balance and restore skin’s natural pH
  • smooth fine lines, redness, and wrinkles
  • are gentle enough for all skin types, even children’s
  • divine scent appeals broadly to both men and women

We use precious rose botanicals, extracts, and oils liberally in three of our bestselling product collections.

  • Our premium bestselling Rose Skincare collection has been dubbed the natural alternative to plastic surgery.
  • Our Rose Scentherapy perfume is like no other, with 10,000 roses per crystal bottle inspiring remembrances of a loving embrace.
  • Our Rose Romance collection for hair and body inspires users to fall in love again with their daily beautifying rituals.


Each time one uses an Ausganica Rose product, the most lovely alluring scent of pure rose aroma-therapeutically reduces stress, restores balance, and uplifts the mind.

Ingredient Highlights

Ausganica’s formulations are created from TCM, Ayurvedic, and aromatherapy perspectives to offer holistic, balanced benefits to both body and mind.

Ingredients differ widely in terms of quality and price. Only the best finds its way into something with the Ausganica label.

We use over 300 ingredients to create our complex product formulations. Below is a sampling of a few of our favorites, and why we love them.

ausganica ingredient philosophy


Hyaluronic Acid - An Ausganica difference
Many skincare products use Hyaluronic Acid as a staple ingredient because it is an essential building block of firm, supple skin, but quality varies from synthetics at $6 per kilo, to the natural choice we use, fermented from beetroot and wheat, for $13,000 per kilo. More valuable than gold, our Hyaluronic acid features an ultra-small base molecule that can penetrate to the intracellular level of your skin to deliver maximum absorption.

Pea Extract - Naturally brightening
Disperses impurities and buildup within skin tissue, resulting in a natural brightening and whitening effect.

Olivem 1000 - Natural science breakthrough
A complex combination of fatty acids, structurally similar to the skin’s own surface lipid composition. Helps to restore and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier.


Calcium Carbonate - Traditional Chinese medicine secret
The Calcium Carbonate we use in our toothpaste is obtained from seashells, indicated in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to assist with relaxation, clarity, and sleep.

Wild Yam - Chinese medicinal classic
A powerful anti-inflammatory cleanser and ancient herbal remedy that improves circulation under the skin, replenishes weak tissues, and promotes healthy scalp.

Ginkgo Biloba - Ancient people’s remedy
An ancient herbal remedy, documented by many cultures, indicated for improving circulation under the skin, and promoting healthy skin and scalp.


Hibiscus Extract - Natural botox effect
Antioxidant Hibiscus Extract works as a natural emollient to soften the skin. At the same time, it firms and lifts the skin, contributing to a natural botox-like effect.

Olive Leaf Extract - Greek secret
Famous for its antioxidant and free radical neutralizing effects, Olive Leaf offers superior skin repairing benefits, while not clogging pores.

Acai Berry - Antioxidant powerhouse
Anti-aging; protects and restores cells at risk for free radical damage.

St. John’s Wort - The happy herb
Used by herbalists for centuries, and known to have antidepressant properties. Among other benefits, we like its contribution to overall skin happiness.

Licorice - Sun protection
A wonderful food ingredient that evens out skin pigmentation, and repairs skin damage from sun exposure.

Amla Fruit - Monk’s longevity secret
One of the most well-known Indian Ayurvedic herbs, a diet of Amla alone is said to have sustained ancient monks. Treats hair loss and moisturizes the skin.

Neem Leaf - The hair and skin powerhouse
Used in our skin care, Neem moisturizes, tones, lightens, and evens out skin discoloration. For hair care, neem’s antibacterial properties protects against dry scalp, flaking, and hair loss.

Milk Thistle - The detoxifier
Long known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a liver purifier, Milk Thistle is extraordinary for removing impurities from the skin.

Sea Buckthorn - Ultimate shield
Known as the “holy fruit of the Himalayas,” Sea Buckthorn is a powerful source of antioxidants and rare fatty acids that guard against skin aging and environmental stressors.

Soap nut - Cleansing nut of the Bodhi Tree
This incredible nut foams naturally when mixed with water, and is harmless to aquatic and animal life. Soap nut not only effectively removes dirts, it soothes and protects skin and hair in the process.

Worry-Free Organic Beauty

Ausganica brand story

You should not have to compromise your body or the planet to get something that works. That is why Ausganica uses only natural, certified organic, and plant-based ingredients, and no petroleum distillates, harsh chemicals, CFCs, or surfactants, to treat and cure your fatigued skin and hair.

Our commitment to organic certification means our ingredients are grown respectfully, without pesticides or other chemicals being dumped onto the earth. The entire lifecycle of each ingredient is pristine, clean, and pure, and we manufacture in our own certified organic facility in Australia, to ensure proper handling and packaging of our precious ingredients.

We are fully transparent about the organic content of our formulations. Each product lists the exact percentage of organic ingredients it contains. On average, our core product lineup contains 88% certified organic ingredients.

Ausganica is also a Cruelty Free brand. Our ingredients are never tested on animals, and we are certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. 

Third-Party Organic Certified

In the absence of rigorous government oversight of the cosmetics industry, third-party certification is a valid and responsible method of ensuring your safety.

This is why we have three organic certifications, and why we certify our very own manufacturing facility in Australia. This is more than we really need, but we believe that the extra assurances we can give you are worth it!

Ausganica Ingredient philosophy